me: FAQ’s

How do I get to try a me?

See the me diary on our website and just turn up. Ideally Email us and we will arrange to look out for you. If you would like to arrange a test drive at that time or in the future simply share you driving licence information with us by visiting

How do I buy a me?

Either call us and we can start the process by phone, email us and we will contactyou  to go through your options or you can simply follow the BUY me link on te wbsite to place a deposit or pay in full. A confirmation message will include all schedules and delivery dates. You will then receive email invoices for stage payments up to delivery. Alternatively you can also select to pay in full on line. Either way we will contact you with regular updates as your me is built and shipped.

Lead acid V Lithium batteries – which is best for me?

Lead Acid is an older technology that has been a reliable source of power for early generations of EV’s. It is relatively inexpensive and widely available remaining a viable option for EV’s even today. Compared to Lithium you will need to be a little more diligent in its care and maintenance but if you are generally making shorter trips with ample time for overnight charging Lead Acid present excellent value.

Lithium is really the bench mark standard in EV power. Virtually maintenance free due to the way its battery management system can read its cells. Lithium has much greater ‘usable capacity’ meaning greater range and general performance, faster charging and generally lasting many times longer before it begins to degrade. Typically Lithium will offer up to 5 times more recharging cycles than Lead Acid. Being 3 times lighter, driving with Lithium cells feels more agile too. If you are using your EV every day for city style commuting or busy and fast moving traffic then Lithium would be our recommendation.

Please bear in mind the way you drive and care for your battery as well as local temperatures and charging cycles will all affect the life of your batteries regardless of type.

Do I have to pay extra for the batteries?

No. Unlike some other schemes that sell you the vehicle but lease you the batteries with an additional monthly charge, when you by a me, it’s all yours.

Do you provide finance packages?

We have an independent adviser who can usually arrange this for you.

Do you offer part exchange on purchases?

We work with an independent specialist would be happy to offer you assistance on part exchange.

High Speed v Low Speed - which is best for me?

Low speed vehicles are ideal for quiet estates or private property where a slow moving vehicle is required for activities such as security or in house facilities management etc.

For general town and city use where you will need to keep up with other road users we would always recommend the high-speed option.

Servicing – Who can work on my me?

You can use any suitably qualified EV technician to maintain your me.

However, we strongly recommend you take your me to our accredited service provider Going Green Assist Ltd. They have specialist workshops and also provide a mobile service. In our opinion they are the most knowledgeable EV service centre out there - EV’s are all they work on! They are based at Unit 3, Pasadena Trading Estate, Pasadena Close, Hayes, UB3 3NQ

Warranty – How does this work?

All new vehicles sold by are covered by a full manufacturers 2 year warranty.

How do I look after my me?

Right from delivery someone will take you through the basics of looking after and driving an EV. Additionally there are on line YouTube tips and tutorials showing you how simple it is to keep your me in top condition.

Do I need to pay Road Tax?

No, Road Tax is free for this class of vehicle although you will still need to apply.

Insuring my me

me owners have insured their vehicles with all the major insurers at reasonably comparable rates. They include Direct Line & Tesco. We are hoping to bring news of a preferential rate schemes in due course.

Can I speak to someone about a me?

Yes. Email or telephone us. We usually answer straight away but if we are on the road leave a message and we will reply straight back.

How much does it cost to run/charge me

The price that you pay for electricity may vary dependant on your provider but as of January 2019 a full charge on a typical day-time peak domestic tariff to the Lithium me would cost approximately £1-47p which roughly equates to 1.5p per mile (and of course off - peak / night tarfiffs may be much less).

This is for example purposes only. The price you pay for electricity and the way you drive can affect these figures.

Where can I charge me?

me is designed to simply plug into a domestic 13amp 3-pin socket just like you have at home. We have devices available that will enable you to do this in the street outside your property or adaptors that will allow you to use many of the street charge points too. But the advantage of a me is that you can do this at home without the need to book time on a street system.

Will I qualify for discounted parking?

Yes -- In the City of Westminster Parking a me is hugely discounted. Pay for just 10 minutes in on street pay-to-park bays and then park for free up to the maximum prescribed period.

We understand some other local authorities are due to follow and we will post news as we find out.

Additionally there are a number of private car park schemes for EV’s in London offering free or greatly reduced rates.

Is me exempt from TFL congestion charge?

Yes (but don't forget to register!)

Is me exempt from TFL ULEZ charge?



 Can I drive me on a UK Motorway?

me is designed and optimised as a town and city vehicle. It is not in a designated category permitted for use on UK Motorways.

Are there any government grants available?

In some cases larger more expensive vehicles such as the Tesler may qualify but the government has already reduced this and is gradually removing it. The grant is intended to subsidise fitting specialist high voltage charging points in your home. As the me works directly from a regular 13 amp 3 pin domestic  socket this would not apply. Additionally as the me is in a lighter weight category it comes under the DVSA L7E vehicle classification which did not attract the original grant.

However we are aware of potential personal tax advantages and will be introducing specialist advice in due course.

Can I recover VAT on a carry me (Van or Pickup).

If you are a UK business registered for VAT it is generally possible to recover VAT on a commercial vehicle.